2D-drawing display also for 3D

With ZG-View, version comparisons are simple and can be performed without CAD. Redlining allows you to mark the differences between the versions directly in the document. Reliable measurement right on the screen, saves time and money. This is why ZG-View has been the leading viewer in the automotive sector for many years.


Licencing variants
that meet your needs


Workstation license

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ZG-View 5 is used locally at the workstation (PC). To register, please enter workstation license. Our workstation licenses are single-user licences, that means you need your own license per PC/workstation.


Terminal-server licenses

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ZG-View 5 is installed centrally at your Terminal-server. To register, please enter Terminal-server license. Our Terminal-server licenses are concurrent-user-licenses, that means the number of licenses required is based on the maximum number of users who work on ZG-View at the same time – your advantage: you do not have to purchase a licence for each occasional ZG-View user.

Enterprise license:

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Your enterprise license is used at your workstation or on a terminal-server. Send us a request and we will send you an offer for your enterprise license back immediately, which is based on the number of users and your company size.

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