Online help

Moving the zoom frame

To change the position of the zoom frame, hold down the left+right mouse button and move the frame to the desired position with the mouse.
The zoom frame can also be moved "up" or "down" with the scroll wheel of the mouse. If you keep the control key (Ctrl) pressed, the zoom frame moves "to the left" or "to the right".

Browse in the navigation tree

To browse in the navigation tree, you can use the button bar or the keys "Home", "Page Up", "Page Down" and "End".


Here you can find all the hotkeys that can be used in ZG-View

Menu: File


  • Ctrl+O   
    Open File
  • Ctrl+F4
    Close File
  • Ctrl+P
  • Alt+F4
    Close ZG-View

Menu: Zoom


  • +
    Enlarge zoom section
  • -
    Reduce zoom section
  • ESC
    View the whole Page

Menu: View


  • H
    Flip horizontally
  • V
    Flip vertically
  • Crtl+left
    Turn left
  • Crtl+right
    Turn right
  • I
  • Crtl+N
    View Source
  • Pos1
    First page
  • PgUp
    Previous page
  • PgDn
    Next page
  • End
    Last page
  • Crtl+G
    Set measure point

Menu: Tools


  • Ctrl+B
  • M
    Set measure point

Menu: ?


  • F1
    About ZG-View
  • Specific information
    Depending on the configuration, application-specific information can also be displayed at this point.
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